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  • ACE-2- Human Fc


    This recombinant, plant-made ACE-2 protein is composed of amino acids 18-731 (Uniprot: Q9BYF1) fused to the Human Fc from IgG1 (Uniprot: P01857).

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  • Anti-Human IgG scFv-HRP


    This antibody recognises and binds specifically to Human Immunoglobulin 1. It is ideal for ELISA and western blot applications and comes as either a full antibody with Human or Rabbit Fc regions or as an scFv conjugated to HRP.

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  • Anti-RBD (CR3022)


    This antibody recognises an epitope within the corona virus receptor binding domain and binds a cross reactive epitope also present in the novel coronavirus. CR3022 works well in ELISA and western blot applications.

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  • Anti-Spike (Sb23)

    Anti-Spike (Sb23)


    Our range of antibodies against the Spike and RBD bind specifically to this antigen and come from a synthetic library panned with these antigens.

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  • S1-His Ultra


    We have recombinantly produced the S1 subunit, attached to a 6 X Histidine Tag. This antigen is available in 100ug research amounts, as well as mg amounts.

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